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NaM: goin’ fishin’

Thursday morning. Time to bail again. This time, the Main Tank.

Actually, because of the rug, and with two of us to shuffle buckets, we siphoned the water off into buckets, removing specimens as we took the level down, and putting them into the buckets. At this point, catching the tang was relatively simple, but while I was at it, durned if I wasn’t going after the Murderous Pistol Shrimp, too. That took some doing…he burrows. But I got that little sucker, and without disturbing the bottom sand too much.

Then, it was go after Hiro. This involved taking the inflow pipe out, which is not on our list of Fun Things To Do because getting it back in is not easy. Maybe for professional basketball players, but we mere mortals have limits to our reach. But the only way to get a net down there was to take the pipe out. So, off come the funky outflow twizzlers, and out comes the pipe. Now, we have the problem of getting back there, high enough to get an angle with the net. The tank’s way too close to the wall for a step stool. Aha! Out in the garden we have two concrete blocks. I bet they’ll fit, say I, and go to haul them in.

1/2 inch. All I needed was 1/2 inch more and I could get them back there. ARGH! Fortunately, we’ve got the tank on some of those super-slider furniture movers. It ain’t easy, but we could squidge it out. I got the two blocks back there, then squooshed me back between the wall and the tank, (not a pretty sight) and at that point, catching the little so and so was fairly easy.

Now, just put the pipe back in, replace the water and turn on the pump, right?

Wrong. The pipe would not go back in. Also…the water hadn’t drained the way it should when that pipe was removed.

Oh, oh. More clogged arteries. This time in the downflow. When we removed the pipe, loose stuff in the bottom of that back section had escaped into the downflow and done a final clog. So…Now it was get under the tank, remove the downflow pipe and clear it out.

Oh, joy.

I’ll spare you the dirty details, but we got it cleaned, got the system back together,  and turned on the lights.

The new metal halide didn’t come on. It had worked yesterday. But this time…no light.

So, along with our little prisoners, and our wrong ballast, we packed up the metal halide bulb and headed for AD. Fortunately, he had the right ballast in stock (and it was much cheaper!) as well. We got that,  exchanged the bulb and headed home, fingers crossed that our adventures were, at least for the time being, at an end.

And, cautiously, I think we were right.

Of course…then there was the algae in the pond….

Ja ne!

Ja ne!

12 comments to NaM: goin’ fishin’

  • AbigailM

    Best wishes for a happy Hiro and a happy, HUNGRY rabbitfish. Oh, and don’t get your aquatic ecosystems mixed up!

    • Jane

      I never did! I didn’t! I didn’t! She fibbed! She musta thought it then blamed it on me. She’s still telling me I said it and I never even THOUGHT it! :angel:

      Hiro is fat and happy and the rabbit fish…who was named Winchester, but who I really think we should call Kumagoro, has cleaned the tank so well, we’ve got to go get caulerpa out of the sump for him! Fortunately, he eats anything…and a lot of it, so he’s not going to starve, but fingers crossed, caulerpa in the main tank is a thing of the past!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY

  • skitterling

    I feel tremendously guilty because I’ve been giggling my head off while reading the trials and tribulations of both aquatic ecosystems. And I’m not normally a giggler. And it’s not that the situations are funny in themselves, just that both of your descriptions are so…well described…that I can picture you two in all your cursing, glaring glory!

    Between Real Life and fish support (not to mention an occasional pistol shrimp), how in any hell do you find time to write? :happy:

    • Jane

      Good! It was supposed to be funny. It was such a Perils of Pauline kind of week. When I was in the middle of it, it was just the problem of the day to solve, but even then, looking at it in its entirety, all you could do was laugh! :biggrin:

      Writing? What’s that? :wassat:

      Other than the blog, I haven’t been getting any writing done, and while all this was going on, I didn’t get much of anything else…remember, I had gotten all those plants before I ever knew this was going to happen! So, I’d work outside in the early morning, then come in and tackle the tank problems in the air conditioning. The algae problem is marginally less time consuming as it’s “add a chemical then wait and see what happens.” And honestly, I’m letting Carolyn worry about that, though I stitched the sunscreen.

      I’m concentrating on covers now, so that when Lynn gets CC up and running I’ll have something to make available. I’ve got all the original Groundties books done and almost two of the Ring books (I’m just doing a final on Intrigue.) I have a solid idea for Destiny, then all my backlist is done. I’ll get Rusalka done for Carolyn next…maybe even before I do Destiny…then I’ve got to start on covers for the new books! Each one takes several solid days of work, so you can see why I’m not complaining too hard about CC not being quite up and running, yet! 😆

      Tonight, I’ll put together a slide show for Harmonies’ cover. For the next few posts, we have a serious GLG alert!

      Oh! GLG: Good Looking Guys: http://janefancher.com/htmfiles/boxes/ArtBox/GLGs.htm

      • skitterling

        GLG, indeed! Wowsa! I remember browsing through CJ’s site when I first found it (lo, many moons ago) and I was pretty stunned then. But you know, for some reason, I had always pictured Grant with a somewhat hidden wicked side…that smile/smirk of his always makes me chuckle. 😉

        Can’t wait to see your covers! :w00t:

        • Jane

          Oh, yeah. Grant. The universe’s gift to the gods…just ask him. I ADORE Grant. When she was working on Cyteen, there were many inhouse jokes about Grant on the Black Satin Sheets…with the one (clashing) red pillow! Tee hee…

  • mitha

    Laughing is good! Makes me think of the bathroom we remodeled, though that took us four months… I’m glad you – and Hiro – have a happy ending! (The bathroom did too, eventually.)

  • Jane

    Carolyn and I knew we could get along when we managed to remodel a small bathroom…including wall paper…and not kill one another! 😀 That was an adventure…down in OKC. Carolyn had a huge house with a complete little apartment upstairs. When the graphic began to require my full-time attention, she invited me down to make use of said apartment. Then, one day, as I showered, the bathroom began to work its way toward the ground level. Turned out they’d cut the stringer boards that held up the floor to put in the apartment, then put in a cement shower.

    Ah…adventures in home ownership!

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    I must add that since you got the rabbit fish, the tank is absolutely pristine. Not a strand of caluerpa to be seen anywhere. Shocking!

    How is the pond today? And my little Ari — how is she? It was awful last Sunday to see everyone so lethargic, just clustered together down in the deep end and doing nothing.

    • Jane

      Pond’s doing much much better today. Algae is still growing, but that’s what happens. Since the control of the phosphates, the fishies are delirious. They’re also getting off on the added currents of the secondary filter we put in to help pull the dead algae out.

      You haven’t seen his spaghetti performance yet. Next time you’re here, we’ll give him a strand of caulerpa from downstairs and let him suck it in. Pretty funny.

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