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Ah, yes…Hiro-san…

My darling little fish, for whom I’d gone to so much trouble…was MIA. We kept thinking…he’s just being shy. Not so unusual, except he’d been all over the place the day before. Not even feeding brought him out, and he’s a little oinker. So…One real possibility. This tank has one major … incompatibility with our system. It has two holes at the top of the back bulkhead for the “inflow” pipes to cross over into the main tank. The water exits through narrow slits at the top of the bulkhead and gravity-falls down to the sump through a pipe in the back. In the past, we’ve had little bundles of blue floss in the holes to prevent fishies from escaping into the back and following the water down the tube into the sump. This is Not Good because little fishies might then end up sushi when they went through The Pump.


Well, seeing back there is Really Hard, since there’s only about six inches between the walls and the tank. Well, maybe a bit more, but not much, and there’s a certain amount of tank buildup on the walls…mostly the coralline that has to be scraped off the glass. Obviously, we can’t get back in the corner to scrape, even if we could get our hand down among all the pipes to do it. So, we thought he might be back there. Not really a problem. Just keep our eyes on the sump and when he followed the water down, we’d get him. (that’s when I went down and put the X-stitch plastic canvas at all the openings in the sump so that if he did go down, he wouldn’t become sushi.)

And, I replaced the blue floss.

Wrongo! The water level rose…and rose…I pulled them before it overflowed. Hmmmm….Need solution….hopefully something a bit…less bright than the blue floss. Well, there is the gutter-guard stuff we use for the jumpguard. A strip of that slipped between the two sections of the bulkhead and viola! no more fishy escapes.

And, I spotted the little sucker. He was, indeed, back in the corner. So…we decided to just wait for him to, er, flush, as ’twere.

Meanwhile…I noticed…no blue light. No actinics. Not just low light actinics like bulbs growing old (besides, they weren’t that old!) but zilch. Nada. Deader than doornails. Carolyn thought it was just blown bulbs, but I was suspicious.  But it was two days before AD opened, so I had a couple of days respite. (I even got some work done on covers! Like…wow!)

It was, as they say, the calm before the storm…

Ja ne!

Ja ne!

8 comments to Ah, yes…Hiro-san…

  • emilyrln

    Oh, phew! Hiro’s ok and not sushi! Thank heavens! Poor li’l guy… 🙁

  • kokipy

    Oh, my. this is like the Perils of Pauline. Never a dull moment! but one is so glad the little guy is okay, or at least, that he was okay as of the end of the last installment. His picture up thread is very fetching.

  • I’m just really glad you are back to blogging again Jane!

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

  • Jane

    And as you can tell from the pic, which was taken after the fact, he’s doing just fine, thanks very much! He VERY fond of his shrimpsies! Working hard to catch up to Houdini, the other blenny in the tank.

  • CJ

    Hiro is, by name, a tailspot blenny. Houdini (aptly named) is a starry blenny, who has squid-like color changes, according to mood, going from starfield to pinto pony to just pale brown with yellow fins at the drop of a hat. Hiro’s kind is just—tailspot colored, all the time. Blennies will notoriously fight to the death over territory, but these two species apparently get along quite well, even sharing the same perch.

    • Jane

      WAH! I’m sorry, Hiro. I didn’t know!!!!! And Kevin didn’t say anything about a problem. I did mention Houdini. I did! I’m sure I did. And I know I asked about danger from the pistol shrimp. I know I did that. WAH! I coulda murdered him.

      Going to hide head in shame….

  • CJ

    Hiro is least likely to encounter a pistol shrimp, not being a burrower. But we got mr. pistol back to the store and all is well. And Kevin may well know that tailspots and starries get along just fine. The one that’s the real problem is the grey lawnmower blenny, the sort we used to have in the OKC tank. They are apparently pretty lethally territorial. So are yellow watchman gobies, which is why I’ve never got another watchman type.
    We are very fond of Hiro and he and Houdini are quite cute together. The odd couple, for sure. :wub:

  • kokipy

    It is very comforting to know that the picture is, roughly speaking, contemporaneous, and not a before shot, as it were.

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