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A quick addendum…

to yesterday’s post.

I forgot to mention…you see, even tho it was hard to see Sharon leave (but then, it’s always hard when one of your best friends ever leaves) it was, in the end, a Very Good Thing. Remember the title: Necessity’s a Mother. If she hadn’t left, we’d have done it the same way Carolyn and I did it before, which, while it worked, still placed a dangerous strain on the main sump tank. This way, we now have it set up so the removal of the pump is both (relatively) simply and most importantly, gentle on the sump. So…

Thanks, Sharon, for leaving. It was meant to be.


Ja ne!

Ja ne!

2 comments to A quick addendum…

  • OrionSlaveGirl

    Jane, I had NO idea you were going to tear into the pump! Had it it been me — well, that’s what earplugs were for. I would have slept like a baby that night. :angel:

    • Jane

      How could you? I didn’t say anything!!!!! Honestly. I couldn’t at that moment. And you also couldn’t have realized that the ramifications of having the pump go out could be so dire. Like I say…fate. We’ve got a much better setup down there now. More hugs!

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