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Day two…

Of Carolyn’s absense was deceptively quiet. I got up very early, did some more in the back until ten thirty-ish, when I headed for our fish store (Aquatic Dreams) to get the RODI filter checked. This is the filter that strips everything out of tap water except for the H’s and O’s. Anyway, two of the four filters involved were, indeed, shot. This meant that all the top-off water Carolyn had carefully run before leaving was yucky, and probably the water throughout the tank was compromised. Solution? Waterchange. 20%. Four five gallon buckets to run, in addition to the 30 gallons of top-off water. Understand, this is pretty much running the water for two days straight.

But first, I had to prime the new filters with a few gallons of waste water (which I put on the plants, thank you!) I put the first filter in, started the water, and headed out to pick up mulch (and other necessities…like a water filter for the fridge) from Lowe’s.

Hah! Like I could get out of there at sale season without bringing home some plants. Actually, I did. But I headed down to Norwest Feed and Pet…can’t remember why, now, but they had killer sale going, so I didn’t get out of there unscathed.

Mind you, at this time, I envisioned the rest of the week to be pretty much devoted to running water and prepping it for a water change on Carolyn’s return, so I figured I’d have plenty of time to get some of these things done in the back. I got home, changed the filter, went out and planted some plants while the other filter flushed, then got the water going, before heading upstairs to watch the semi-finals of “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Does the phrase calm before the storm mean anything to you?

Ja ne!

Ja ne!


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