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Alarm Clocks…

I don’t trust them. Never have, never will. Does anyone else share that aversion? Seems like every time I count on one for something important, it fails to go off and when I want the thing to shut up, it refuses.

Now, I realize, this isn’t the fault of the machine, but of its programmer. That, again, would be me. VCRs? never a problem. Computers? Ditto. Wiring a complex of electronic things together, sure, why not? But the logic of alarm clocks, especially the plethora of modern digital clocks,  apparently eludes me.  Invariably, they don’t work. At hotels, I use the operator/wakeup call. At home…well, usually I just don’t sleep much the night before the flight (or whatever is necessitating said alarm clock.) My cat works just fine for every day wakeups.

This said, the morning Carolyn left for Dallas, I was awake long before the 4:30am we’d agreed to, never mind I’d been up until 1am. I got Carolyn to the airport, came home for a bit of a laydown, which ended up in your basic kitty-cuddle under covers, then went for a walk with Joan, as I’d promised to do. (Joan was also solo for a couple of days as her hubby was out of town on business.)

Joan likes to walk. Carolyn detests it. I’m noncommittal. I acknowledge the beauty of morning sunlight and air, and love strolling through it and the physical value of power-walking, but the worst injuries I’ve ever incurred were a direct result of walking so, like the alarm clocks, I’m suspicious. However, I admit, Joan and I had a lovely time walking in the park with her darling “puppy” Broghan. (I’ll try and get a picture of him.) Carolyn called about halfway through and entertained us with her UAL horror stories.

Then, Joan and I went plant-hunting. (Dum-da-dum-dum) We should not be turned loose together. Instigate one another we do. I had vast areas in the back that needed something and I wasn’t sure what kind of look I wanted, so I got a lot of (really cheap), end of the planting season special, annuals just to get an idea what sort of thing would look good in our bare spots.

then we parted company to go home and plant said herbiage, with an agreement to get together for hamburgers and salad in her backyard later that evening.

Knowing 100+ degree temps were coming up that weekend, I braved the sun to get some of my new “babies” planted. They were pretty well rootbound, but I got them loosened up and they seem to be doing OK.

New plants in front of garage

New plants in front of garage

shade plants beside the house

Shade plants beside the house (with fountain)

I didn’t actually do all this that day. The above area had several wheelbarrow loads (several inches) of lava rock in it that had to be hauled to the front, where my “lava rock” area is along the roadside. And I got a few more plants the next day, along with the cedar mulch to keep their roots cool…and this doesn’t show the poor clemati over behind the garage which are now doing pretty darn well…but you get the picture. The rest I did in the mornings, before it got too hot…and before I tackled the on-going FishTankChallenge.

More on that tomorrow.

Ja ne!

Ja ne!

7 comments to Alarm Clocks…

  • Pence

    I use a small and shrill kitchen timer as a backup. Being small means I can hide it so that I have to wake up to find it to shut it off. Hopefully by that time I have remembered what I had to wake up for!
    My peeve with the digital clocks is the blasted lighted face. It was bad enough when it was just the numbers that were lighted, but they now have the entire face lighted. I feel like I have a lighthouse right next to my bed. I travel with a black tee shirt to drape over the thing so I can sleep without feeling like I am being interrogated!

  • dali

    Hate alarm clocks! I usually lie awake waiting for them to go off. When they do go off, it’s jarringly bad, but when they don’t, it’s worse! I can so relate to what you have said about them. Damn them all! LOL

  • AbigailM

    I have a recurring dream theme that includes an alarm that CANNOT be shut off. I do many things, even to utterly destroying it, rendering it into tiny bits in many, various, often science-fictional scenarios, but it continues to ring. Eventually I wake up to turn off the clock. Probably the dream occurs in a few seconds, though it seems like hours.

  • Jane

    ACK! talk about the stuff of nightmares!!! Although I like the part about destroying it. That’s pretty cool. :devil:

  • Pence

    And have you noticed how you can drop off into the only deep sleep of the night AFTER the alarm goes off!
    I’m beginning to think that the ultimate cure for insomnia would be for the clock to go off at 3 AM!

  • Jane

    😆 😆 😆 How true!

    Maybe I should try that…

  • arthurd42

    I’m something of the opposite – if I have to get up at any particular time, I don’t sleep well unless I have an alarm set. (Without the alarm, I keep waking up worried that I’ve overslept.) However, I don’t like strange alarms – the anticipation of an unknown (and often loud) sound waking me up also makes me not sleep well.

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