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Ysabel sends an email…

Taking a quick break from covers to share another case of necessity mothering invention. In order to fix the kitties’ water fountain, I had to order some parts from the company, Vet Ventures.com. The order contained an offer for free filters for a year for good stories about how the fountain has affected our lives. […]

Quick one while I’ve got the internet.

Believe it or not, the Perils continue. Our modem is giving us fits. We have no phone and now, the Internet is going…We’ve got Comcast coming in to fix it (hopefully) tomorrow, but if you don’t hear from us for a couple of days, that’s why.

Ja ne!


ARGH! The size dilemma continues

Thinking I was done, I blithely put together my composite of the three covers and…I didn’t love it. With the original version of the Harmonies cover, the three looked pretty good, but with the new, simplified Harmonies…I’m back to preferring the medium version. I still get that sense of Stevie’s feet escaping, because of the […]

Another day, another slideshow

It’s so much fun having viewers who know more about these programs than I do! Thanks again, everyone, for the input. I think we’ve come up with a seriously cool alternative, that pretty much used everyone’s suggestions, in one form or another.

Who said too many cooks weren’t a good thing? As long as only […]

HotN cover: part two…

Harmonies is all about Stephen slowly being sucked into NSpace, both mentally and physically, with Wesley as his rather reluctant savior, so I thought a symbolic black hole would be appropriate. I started with the same computer/space background as the other two, but added some “warping” effects with the good old warp brush in PSP. […]

HotN cover part one: The Wesser

This cover had the most actual “painting” involved of those I’d done thus far. (The Ring covers are all digital) The others, being primarily composites, I could have done without the wacom board, though it would have been much harder. This one…nuh-uh. Without the Wacom, it wouldn’t have happened. (slideshow:)


NaM: goin’ fishin’

Thursday morning. Time to bail again. This time, the Main Tank.

Actually, because of the rug, and with two of us to shuffle buckets, we siphoned the water off into buckets, removing specimens as we took the level down, and putting them into the buckets. At this point, catching the tang was relatively simple, but […]


Wah! I lost a post. I’d written this, I know I had, and when I brought it up, there was only:

Wednesday. Aquatic Dreams day.

That’ll teach me to try and work ahead. Of course, had I remembered to post some time in the last several days, I’d have discovered this sooner. My only excuse […]

Ah, yes…Hiro-san…

My darling little fish, for whom I’d gone to so much trouble…was MIA.


Just a Quickie Today…

Because I’m closing in on the cover for Ring of Lightning.

Besides…Sunday was relatively uneventful. Carolyn got home with far less fuss than going down, and she was duly grateful for the clean tank. Only one problem: No Hiro. He’d been all over the place the day before, eating well….Sigh…Being shy.

So, we sat and […]