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Sparkleplenty passed the acid test.

Stevie’s Sparkleplenty, my new computer, runs Might and Magic 6! (And the crowd goes wild.) This insidious little computer game is the game that finally yanked me, kicking and screaming, into the world of computer games. None of the versions before or after have what it has, and I think I’ve played about a million games now. When I really need to relax, I just go shoot goblins or Baaaa fanatics! It’s a great game.

And I didn’t even have to do a backwards compatibility! I did on XP.

Even better…well, I don’t know about that, but equally delightful, they’ve made a significant change to Spider solitaire. And I don’t mean the dumb glowing cards, which drive me nuts.

You can endlessly “undo” all the way back to the beginning!!!!!!! for the chronic “completist” this is mana from heaven. This means, at this point, I’ve played 25 games and have a win percentage of…get this…100!

Zippitee do dah!

11 comments to Sparkleplenty passed the acid test.

  • CyanDag

    I’m impressed with the Spider solitaire stat. I didn’t even know that it was possible to win 100% of that many games. Freecell, yes. But not Spider solitaire.

    • Jane

      As far as AI know, they are all winnable…like Freecell… but in the past, you could never “undo” past the last successful string. Now, in the version that comes with vista, you can undo clear back to the beginning…without damaging your win stat! Before…I could get 15 or so wins in a row, then hit one really hard one and restart it…I think my record was 32 times…before I finally beat it. That pretty well screwed my stats, but I had the satisfaction of knowing I beat them all. Now, my stat reflects that! 😀 I play at the medium, two suit, level, BTW. One suit is TOO easy and four, well, it’s HARD! I think I’ve won two whole games at that level. That got old really fast. :whistle:

  • 82Eridani

    I envision you furiously playing solitaire, laughing maniacally as you successfully complete each game. Too funny! I’d be jealous except I spend way too much time playing on the computer as it is!

    • Jane

      Sometimes I wish I’d never discovered Spider! Freecell got old fast…it’s usually pretty eazy…and regular solitaire is just not my thing. spider…oooo….it’s dangerous.

      And you’re right…Carolyn can attest to the chortles when I solve a particularly nasty one!

  • katoji

    So, I had to look up this game, by which Jane bases computer purchases. And yes—extremely loved out there. Fans still write reviews over it.

    And rumors now that they are going to revive it for the xbox 360. Currently looking for developers and a lead game designer over at Ubisoft Shanghai. True? Who knows, but the hoardes are gathering with excitement.

    • Jane

      Oh…yeah. I just hit a roadblock! Had my team up to about level 60, and suddenly, the game is quitting on me. Just freezing and dropping out. WAH! I’ve tried different play disks (CJ and I both had copies) as well as my several backup copies and it happens each time. I haven’t tried reinstalling, yet, and I understand there’s a 1.3 patch out there, which I’m hoping to get, but it’s dicey at the moment! Word is, however, that it works on Vista, so I’m thinking it’s in the EXE file. (I hope) Though I got some kind of error message about the cpp file, so I’m not sure. Have to try and reproduce the error.

      One cool thing is, for the characters, they photoshopped real photos (took static for it, but what was being done for computer generated images at the time was uuuuuuugly!) anyway, one face they used which I always have as the sorceror in my team is Michael Praed, who played Robin of Sherewood. Remember the doll in the poster in my office? Makes it real easy to watch the screen. And he’s not the only looker in the bunch! :wub:

  • Glyn

    I never did get a chance to play MM 6. I got addicted to First Person Shooters throughout most of my life, which, technically, also happens to encompass the MM series.

    As for solitaire… I wish I could count the number of times coming up in the Army that some Lieutenant or Sergeant would sit playing that game for hours on end… at work. My First Sergeant still does! I guess being able to command comes hand in hand with good Solitaire skills.

    • Jane

      If you can get hold of a copy, I highly recommend it. They’re fools not to continue “pressing” it. None of the subsequent ones had the replayability of this one. Cute characters, lots of reward for effort, good good good puzzle/crawls which can be approached any number of ways, even with the same team dynamic, and a good story line.

      I played seven and eight a lot, too, but never finished nine. It was just plain boring. And uuuuuugly. And its save options sucked pond water. As soon as an enemy was sensed, you were real time. Icky.

  • tyr

    Battle for Westnoth has version !.8 stable now.

    I almost lost a scenario playing solitaire so it is a bit more difficult
    or requires paying attention.

    It is Open Source done as a collaboration, free for the download,
    modifiable and playable standalone or over the Net.

    I found out about this one from Greg Costikyan, one of the SPI
    crew from the golden age of board gaming.

    My idea of a good first person shooter on comp is Ratchet and
    Clank on the PS2… :tongue:

  • Ooooo….more ways to waste time! YAYAYAYAYAY

  • Peter

    As a note, M&M6 is once again commercially available through Good Old Games – it’s actually part of a six-pack containing the first six games, for a quite reasonable $10, all tweaked to work on modern computers/OSes: http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/might_and_magic_6_limited_edition

    (I have no connection other than as a happy customer)

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