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Arbor day …

…at the Fancher/Cherryh pond.

6:30 this AM I was out in the garage working on the arch…. I got the screws in to reinforce the broken arch and got the cross bars on. Carolyn came out, coffee in hand and helped with the last few, then we put it up. I’m here to gloat a bit…without measuring, I set the sides to within 1/2 inch of the final position! Actually, when I was setting and leveling the concrete blocks for the supports, I measured quite carefully, so I had a good idea where they had to go. 😀 The leveling was pretty good, though I had to shim one post about 1/4 inch to get the gate to shut just right.

Then…there were the hinges. These suckers swing every way from Sunday! I figured there had to be a way to secure them so they would just swing one direction, but you couldn’t tell that from the instructions. All they said was some cryptic remark about adjusting the alignment as per the picture. An itty bitty, bad drawing. I knew what pieces had to be involved, but it took a bit of experimentation to figure out how to make them work. I had another moment of smugness when I did.

Only one problem with an otherwise lovely design: the latch. Icky. Big. Silver. Utterly out of character with the gate. So…I went hunting on the internet for an appropriate latch. I found this on eBay:

Now…I’ve only bid once before on an ebay item, but I had to try. It was really cheap. Plus, it only had a couple of hours left on its bidding, so I wouldn’t have to keep thinking of it. I’d either get it or not. So…I put a bid on it. There was at least one other person interested. We went back and forth a couple of times over the next half hour…then Sharon called and we agreed to meet for dinner.

Oopsie! Dinner ran almost too late. We hadn’t seen each other for several eventful days and Sharon was bringing us up to speed on Joan’s condition. Meaning she didn’t eat. Finally, silly me, I had to duck out to see how my bidding was going. Sharon had planned to come to the house after, so I left Carolyn with her while she finished eating and ran home to check my latch. Got home with just twelve minutes buffer! The bid was against me. I upped it, then put in my max bid and crossed my fingers.

And I got it! Yay! Now, I just have to make it work. 😀 Meantime, the gate’s being held shut with a bungee cord!

Whatever works, eh?

Ja ne!

Ja ne!

14 comments to Arbor day …

  • Pence

    It all looks marvelous. What do the characters on the upper right hand side of the painting say? Are they your chop?
    The arch integrates the painting with the garden really beautifully. And you got the colour on it absolutely perfect.

    • Jane

      Tee hee. Thanks for asking! Tonbo mon, which is dragonfly gate. We named it in honor of our resident dragonfly who showed up during its creation. And ultimately, there will be touches of dragonfly blue and green along the pass/river beneath the bridge. We did look up the kanji for our names, but that would have been way too much…tho they’ll probably appear somewhere in the yard. Eventually. When we’re ready to sign it. 😀

  • katoji

    Oh Jane! You and CJ out did yourselves. That’s so very beautiful. I’m impressed beyond words and very happy that its something the two of you can enjoy on a daily basis.

    And that latch! Your artistic attention to detail is showing. Its to die for, honestly. Congratulations!

    • Jane

      Thank you thank you! I’m frankly thrilled with how it turned out. It was scary, frankly, to start painting because the possibility for disaster was huge! Literally, considering the size of that canvas.

      Ultimately, when I get some more of the large brown/gold rocks from Terry’s, there will be a pretty smooth transition between the mural and the real world. It’s been raining ever since we got the gate up and the moonflowers planted, so I haven’t gotten a good pic of the small areas where I’ve already placed the rocks, but it’s really cool. At first glance, you can’t really tell sometimes whether it’s the painting or the real thing! :w00t:

  • Bri

    This is just gorgeous.

    Great job, sweetie.

  • AbigailM

    Really, really impressive! Now maybe you can manage just two more pics for us, pretty please — how the whole scene looks from across the pool, and the fat growing koi.

    If you’ve checked the weather, bet you’re glad you’re in WA, not OK, even if you say it’s “hot.” Down here in the south central plains, we’re into that normal July, high-pressure-ridge-for-the-foreseeable-future, 102°-until-sometime period.

    You really need to get your pool and mural into Better Homes and Gardens, or a Sunset book, or something. Seriously.

    • Jane

      Will do. Didn’t I put post a current pic of our finned babies? I took one just the other day…hmmm…guess I didn’t. They are growing. And they’re so funny. They shadow us around the pool waiting for handouts! Little greedy-guts that they are.

      Eeeewwww! We’ve got rain and coolth enough for sweatshirts! Not going to last long, but it’s sure nice for now.

      Tee hee…Carolyn’s threatening to rent it out for weddings! As for getting it into a magazine…I wonder how you do that? It’d be kinda fun. Oooo, not to mention good advertising for CC! (picture my glint-eyed kitty emo!) Though better when the plants mature a bit.

  • Glyn

    Absolutely gorgeous! You’ve managed to turn your entire yard into a work of art!

  • AbigailM

    I bet you could get it published! Wait till the plantings are filled in and look settled, and send pictures and a brief description of the process to some editors. I know that the craft and jewelry magazines I read accept unsolicited “slush” like that; surely other types do too. And what you have done, entirely as amateurs, beats most installations I ever saw.

    • Jane

      Definitely need to get the plants a bit more mature, not to mention a few more in! There’s a lot of territory to fill up. Plus, we’ve got to get the bridge in.

      I’ve got this not-so-secret plan…once we’re done, I’m going to take a picture to a couple of the landscape contractors and find out what it would cost to get something like this done. I’m really quite curious. I know I wouldn’t do another mural like this for less than … well, a lot more than any sane person would pay. 😆

  • Corvidphile

    Your mural and arbor are beautiful! It’s been interesting following all your pond/garden/arbor activities; thanks for taking the time to document your endeavors!

    • Jane


      It’s been fun being able to share it. It’s not done yet, but the hot weather is coming and time to hunker down and get some real work done! Now that I’ve got Sparkles here, I’ve no more excuse. Putting my WordPerfect and Intuos programs on as soon as I finish my email.

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