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Clever…write an update…

…and forget to post. Better late than never.

Happy 4th, everyone! (erp…late)

Got a couple of pretty pix for you today. We’re beginning to have a “base” to our mural and our white water lily bud has reached the surface of the pond! And then, there’s mama’s little helper…

First, the mural:

And our water lily:

And my darling Efanor, butt-testing the newly cleaned surface:

But wait! Which one’s Efanor?:

Ah, the one with eyeballs:

A few minutes later, he switched teams.

Happy 4th!

Ja ne!

Ja ne!

4 comments to Clever…write an update…

  • mmberry

    When I looked at the photo of the mural, I saw the tree and mural without noticing the supplies and thought how incredible it looked together. It was like I was standing by the tree and seeing the mountains in the distance.

    I can still see fans figuring out how to steal the side of a garage.

  • evenus17

    Really awesome mural reminds me of three landscape prints I have of Ching Dynasty artists: Shih T’ao, Shih-ch’i and Kung Hsien.

    Miaow miaow Efanor!

  • Glyn

    Great work! And to think your not done, yet, to boot. As for the update… I’ve done it, too. I have no idea how, but I’ve done it.

    And it seems Master Efanor is enjoying the cleanliness, as all cats do.

  • chondrite

    I’m tempted to say it needs a dragon cloud-surfing, but that might be overkill. Looks good, and the fact that the tree in the foreground seems to be part of the vista is as it should be!

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