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Cars and a Mural update

Been a strange day. Got a late start on the mural…7am instead of 6am. I could not get to sleep last night. Couldn’t figure out why until I saw which bottle of Pepsi had been opened last night. Carolyn made me a C&L with the supercharged Diet Pepsi. Serious caffeine hit.

Anyway, 8:30 roles around and I’m beginning to think breakfast, when Carolyn comes out and asks if I can run Joan to the doctor, because she (Carolyn) isn’t feeling well.  (She’s feeling better now, BTW.) Sure, say I, but I’ve got to pick her up in fifteen minutes! I’m all over paint. So I run in, change and wash up and was out the door.

Got that taken care of, then took my car to get it’s emissions test. Nope. Can’t do it. He’s idling too fast. Grrr….same problem as two years ago. Obviously, his transmission pressure goes up the minute he hears “test.” So, I headed to run my errands…and the idle was fine. Maybe he just needed to warm up. So I went back to the test center…and as we sat in line, his idle slowly rose.

Great. So I took him to get his oil changed, which needed doing, and asked if there was something they could do. Nope. He’s fuel injected.  If his idle’s out of whack, it’s a computer problem. But maybe it was the PCV valve (or a bunch of expensive possibilities) Let’s try replacing the PCV valve.

They got in to replace it and discovered a crack in the t-connector that was probably letting air in that could be causing the car to run hot. So…I brought him home and let him cool off in the garage. I’ll tape that connection and see if it fixes the problem. If it does, I’ll just replace the connector. If it doesn’t…I guess it’s to the doctor for him. Not surprising, in a way. He’s an ’85 Firenza.

Anyway, got home and Carolyn’s in bed. I think she was just wiped. She’s up this evening and feeling much better, but if she didn’t  post today, that’s why.

Anyway, here’s the current state of the mural:

(And thanks, Glyn. I think Next Gen is going to be just what I needed!)

Ja ne!

Ja ne!

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