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Another day; another cover…

UpLink, this time. The history of this cover is a long and sometimes horrifying one…

Hmmm…there doesn’t appear to be bookmarks on this page. I’m going to have to rectify that. Ah, well, just follow the link and scroll down to “A Question of Covers” in big yellow letters. I’ll get the bookmarks up later.


Time for…

…a celebration of a life.

Most of you probably already know, Carolyn’s mom passed away yesterday afternoon. It was very quiet, very peaceful…she was ready and so were the family.

Carolyn’s parents, Lois and Basil, were both wonderful individuals. I loved them both dearly. They were private folk, as is Carolyn, but I sure they’re […]

Another test passed!

Prince of Persia works on this machine! YAYAYAYAY I’d totally forgotten about it because Sands of Time didn’t work on the Toshi. It uses a weird backup thing that taxed the Toshi’s video card beyond its abilities. So…I did it without the backup…but it’s designed to use it and so it was hard to get […]

Sparkleplenty passed the acid test.

Stevie’s Sparkleplenty, my new computer, runs Might and Magic 6! (And the crowd goes wild.) This insidious little computer game is the game that finally yanked me, kicking and screaming, into the world of computer games. None of the versions before or after have what it has, and I think I’ve played about a million […]

Evolution of a cover…

Yes, indeedy, I’m working on them at last. The Groundties cover was the farthest along, so it’s the first one “done.” I’m still refining the printout to get it to look on paper the way it looks on my computer, but that’s just a matter of juggling options.


As always, I am amazed and humbled…

by the wonderful folks who enjoy reading my stories. Clever, witty, generous…you’re all those things and more.

We had a great sampling of those wonderful people at Shejicon this weekend, including one of the best behaved little junior-fen it’s ever been my pleasure to be around. I got no pictures—I was too busy having fun—but […]

You know there’s a problem…

when your cat freaks out because the house is too clean.

Poor Efanor. He’s been bouncing off the walls. He’s sure things are disappearing because they’re going into the boxes that are disappearing out the door. I don’t know how to tell him that the boxes are empty and things are just being put away. […]

The red-line Toshi has been replaced…

By a Hewlett Packard. And it’s sooooo cute! It was a quick ship and a much better deal than the same machine custom built. It’s a lot of machine for under $1000.00.


Arbor day …

…at the Fancher/Cherryh pond.

6:30 this AM I was out in the garage working on the arch….


We have dirt!

And half an arbor.

I’m so far behind. I’m sorry. After the Green Event, I was pretty depressed. I kept plugging and Carolyn humored me through a serious crisis yesterday…but I got the mural done enough to move on, at least temporarily. I was going to take a couple more days, but the World’s Greatest […]