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AM or PM, it’s the magic hour…for painting murals. There’s light without glare, and the temperature is pleasant. You can get at least two or three hours in before it gets either too light or too dark to work…although I’m thinking about moving the spotlight out to work a bit later in the evening.

However, we made good progress today, so maybe we’ll finish soon.cjnmural

I’ve discovered standing on a ladder is not a good way to paint murals. You’re working so large, you’ve got to make it kind of a whole body movement, working back and forth with both hands. When I’m standing on the ground, I can wander back and forth, working large portions of the image at once. glassesOn the ladder, I’m stuck in one place and microfocus…badly.  It’s making getting the top of the main mountain really hard. I’m on my fourth…or is it fifth?…try. Ah, well. I’ll get it.


Mist may play a major role in the solution.

We have a new resident in the garden and, somewhat miraculously, Carolyn managed to catch him on film…er…pixels. 

dragonfly6_29_09He’s really beautiful. Bright blue. He moved in a few days ago and now he’s got a friend. Unfortunately, he eats ladybugs, which we’ve deliberately seeded the garden with. Ah, well. Circle of life and all that.

Jury duty seems to have been a fizzle. I’m not called tomorrow, either and that leaves only Thursday.  On the one hand, I’m kinda disappointed. On the other, I’m really glad to have had the days to work on all my round tuits.

Oh, I got all my art programs up and running on the desktop today, so I’ll be able to work on covers again. YAY!

Well, if I’m going to get up and go at 6 AM, I’d better knock off.

Ja ne!

Ja ne!

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  • aelith

    Oh Jane be careful, I’m seeing a toothy bird and a big-eyed monkey on the right face of the big rock.

    I’m real good at seeing things that are not there. On the train trip west, the eroded rocks south and east of Salt Lake City drove me crazy with all the things I keep seeing, mostly giant cartoon characters. :pinch:

    Mist is an essential part of oriental painting. :biggrin:

    • Jane

      Thank gawd I don’t, even with you mentioning it. It would drive me nuts! One nice thing, it is mutable. If, as I stare at it over time, I begin to see things like that, I can just dig out some base paint, erase, and repaint. The advantages of doing something in acrylic. Also, of doing it yourself.

      I’ve got some pix from yesterday I need to get up. Today has been…eventful. Not a lot accomplished.

      Maybe tonight.

  • wow that’s looking great. careful on the ladder!

  • kokipy

    I love seeing the mural grow. Wish I could see it in RL! but the pictures are the next best thing.

    • Jane

      I’m trying. It’s actually hard to remember to take the pictures. Silly, but my first thought in the morning is to get out before my brain fries. I stay out until said object begins to sizzle, then I’m out at night until it’s almost too dark to take a picture! 😆 It’s taking a lot of time. a) it’s a big area! and b) I’m getting better, but at first I was undoing almost as much as I was doing. :whistle:

  • chondrite

    Once you have the browns roughed in, what’s the next color? Greens? Grays? It looks pretty darn professional, and you get the satisfaction of laying it out exactly as you like.

    I suggest an evening when you are done under the trellis with a pot of green tea and a suitable soundtrack playing quietly 🙂

    • Jane

      I did art professionally before I began writing, so I can’t claim total amateur status, but I haven’t done much in the last fifteen years, so I’m really surprised and pleased with how it’s turning out.

      And I’ve never done this style before, let alone with a paint and canvas entirely unsuited to the techniques that achieve it! 😆

      Actually, the color isn’t showing up well. Probably the time of day. But there’s some green and blue in there already. We’re keeping the colors very soft because once the sun hits them, they have a tendancy to glow! But in the picture above, there’s the mauve background, a hint of blue in the sky, a soft green and darker browns. Ultimately, we’ll put just a few touches of brighter green and blue…probably a bit of yellow. I tried a grey but every technique I tried, it just turned muddy, so … no grey. Not yet, at least.

      I’m thinking a raucous celebration party! But I think I’m going to be moving dirt into place in front of the mural.

      Then we’ll party!

  • kokipy

    You’ve probably thought of this, but if you just have dirt next to the mural rain will splash mud onto the picture. you need some rocks/pebbles along the wall to limit this.

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