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I have been remiss…

 Actually, I’ve been tired! Still am. But I owe you all, so I’m going to post something…mostly pictures with captions.

We’ve begun the mural. I thought Carolyn would have said something, but I guess she’s left it up to me. 

First, we filled in the ruts. The point wasn’t to make the wall smooth, only to get rid of major visual lines and places where thin paint would creep down the wall. It was actually kind of fun, just slapping the goo up there.


Then, we painted. We didn’t get any pictures of the actual process…we were both occupied…but here’s what it looked like before we began the mural.



Then we began sketching…with mud!


 Erasing has never been so easy…or fun!



And yes, we did use the picture as our baseline.


Then…well, we began painting. We’re kind of figuring it out as we go along since neither of us has worked a canvas this large or this unabsorbant, but the underpainting is beginning to take shape. Believe it or not, my favorite implement of application is a sponge! Not dabbing it, but actually painting with it. I can put a tiny amount of pigment on it, then spritz it with my water spray-bottle, then brush it on. Gives a nice soft edge without running, and the corners can be used like a brush.


Naturally, I had the perfect sponge…no idea where I got it from…and an exhaustive search has not turned another up. Sigh. Well, I got a couple of different sponges…a packing sponge, a car sponge and a grout sponge. All have a similar texture. Hopefully one will work as well.

So…it’s underway. I’ll keep you … er…posted.


 Ja ne!

8 comments to I have been remiss…

  • aelith

    That is so amazing. Do the lawn and garden magazines pay for how to articles?

    • Jane

      Ooo…I need my little glint-eyed kitty emo! I wonder if they do? I think we’re going to have our own little park soon.

      Of course, we’ll have to see if the thing lasts! It should, but the seams between the major boards are cracking, not unexpected as the boards flex, but I’m hoping water doesn’t make a happy home in there!

  • kokipy

    That looks wonderful! so exciting to see it develop. And the glimpses of the pond are very tantalizing.

    • Jane

      The fun thing about the pond is that it’s the eternal project. Every year we’ll be adding plants, so it’ll be constantly changing. The major work will be done once this mural is done.

  • Pence

    your sketching technique comes under the heading of grown up mud pies. (I started to say adult mud pies, but was afraid that that would get the blog an x rating!)
    It is fun to see the sequential pictures of the project.

    • Jane

      That was Carolyn’s idea and I must say, it was brilliant. I was hesitant at first, just because the canvas was so pristine, but after I thot about it, was quite enthusiastic. And it was FUN! Because of the thin coating we use for the under painting, the dirt washed right off.

  • CJ

    We started this immediately after painting the entire garage exterior. Took us about 4 hours. If you want a link to that sprayer, which worked like a charm and has an Unclog function, it’s on my Amazon site: refurb, to boot.

    And of course once we had that nice big flat space to paint on, we wasted no time sketching it in and getting so excited we had to start painting. Erasing is a snap: with the mud, just the hose; with the paint—well, we’ve got all that garage paint.

    This has been fun. I’m better at doing the geology of the rocks (which way should this tilt and how do I make a brain used to looking at real rock believe this) and the fine nitpicking painting that will come last. So Jane is doing that beautiful bleed texture on the mountains, and she was the one who went for blue as a color—she’s always right about color: it’s a gorgeous accent.
    The waterfall to the right—is that on there yet? yes, you can just barely see it—is mine.

  • Jane

    Erasing with the paint isn’t nearly as easy!

    But Carolyn’s right. Our various skills are meshing very nicely. For someone whose primary art tools have been fine brushes and 0.3mm mechanical pencils on 8X11 pages I’m having a BALL “brushing” with a sponge and working so large. I’m getting pretty good at the underlying geology, too.

    The waterfall will be in today’s pix.

    Making color choices on this is kinda scary. A mistake is expensive in time and money, however, working with a really limited palette is going to work pretty well, I think.

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