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Depression is…

Taking the plunge to rip into your laptop without anything resembling a manual, getting it back together with no extraneous parts… and discovering it didn’t change a thing.

There are no instructions online for deconstructing a Qosmio G15. An F15, yes, a G25, yes, but they’re quite different. And the screen-replacement places blithely describe replacing a Toshi screen like they’re all the same.

Wrong. I had to pull and prod gently until I discovered the way into the screen (the bezel just pulls off except for two screws at the bottom that are well hidden by fake plastic molding). I finally got at the video cable connections on both ends, only to discover them both solidly in place. I see nothing wrong with the cable itself. Then, putting it back together, the keyboard cable simply would not seat well. And the clip that’s supposed to hold it in place, which clips into very flimsy and now-brittle plastic, broke. Well, the little pieces of plastic on the sides of the piece attached to the mobo broke. I got it in, sort of, screwed the plate back on, and turned it on. It came up, the keyboard worked, but I’m sure it’s not very happy.

And the red lines were still there.

Sigh…I’m going to go install my wacom board on my desktop and bring another chair up from the basement. I haven’t the heart to oust Efanor from his favorite nap-spot.Efanor_on_Office_Chair_7_09 (4)







Ja ne!

Ja ne!

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