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This ‘n’ that…

The garage. We found a really pretty base tone. It’s called Pocahontas. Kind of a soft mauve, but a bit browned as well, so it’s not really pink or purple. I think it’ll make a nice base tone for our mural.

The spray painter was an absolute godsend (thank you Carolyn.) We were able to get the entire thing done in a handful of hours. Are there some, er, less than perfect places? Sure. But, hey, it’s a garage. The main thing is, it’s soft and easy on the eyes rather than painfully glaring. And I’m looking forward to our mural.

Today, it was de-pitting the house. We’ve been going for a PhD (piled higher and deeper) ever since we got back from Dallas/Memphis. I spent most of the day in the office getting bills paid and finally separating last year’s files from this year’s. Tomorrow, I’ll get my nice storage unit ensconced in teh corner of the garden and my wacom installed on the desktop.

Heck, I might even use that nice clean dining room table to dig into my laptop again and look for a loose cable!

Ja ne!

Ja ne!

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