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Flying time

Gomen kudasai

OSG said something last night that kind of took me by surprise. She said rather than long posts, I need to post smaller and more often. But, thought I, I’ve been posting just about every day. What’s she talking about. Then, I looked at the calendar and realized that between getting ready […]

Brain of a newt…

That’s me. I got cocky. Thought I was all better, then overdid. Got the worst sunburn I’ve had in years and caused a relapse. Dim bulb!!!!

But before you feel too sorry for me, that means that today I’m staying inside and reading Faery Moon. Life’s so hard. 😆

ITMT, I thought I’d share some […]

Miscon: had a wonderful time…

…but feeling oh, so guilty. I fear Typhoid Mary and her minions may have infected the entire con.

Yes, for those who haven’t heard, CJ came down with some virus the day we left for the convention and spent pretty much the whole convention in the room, face down in the beandip. Now, this isn’t […]

Okay…I got one yes. That’s all I need. So here we have: Evolution of the Faery cover.

I’ve never really composed something new out of photographs before, so this was really a learning experience for me. These are the finished layers from the various pieces. I knew Carolyn wanted a leaf on water. I wanted nice rounded river rocks…and guess what we had just outside the back door? This was just a […]

You all are SO polite!

No one mentioned I spelled copyright “copywrite”! Nothing like putting your stupidity on public display! I hate to admit, I do that all the time, and I was in a rush. Wanted to get the pic up before we headed out for the rink. Well, fixed now.

You will forget you ever saw […]

Faery Cover!

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done much artwork, but I’m really pleased with how this turned out. It’s inspired by what I think is one of the most amazing opening sequences I’ve ever read. I’m not so pleased with how it resized, so I’m putting up a “watermarked” image. Pride, you know. […]

It’s dead, Jim…

At least, the USB ports are. The Linux Live Disks couldn’t find them either. I did a repair on WinXP and have reinstalled all drivers. Nada. So, coincidental as it seems, I think something I did fried the USB interface. The rest seems stable enough. I did discover that the front USB ports have parted […]


That’s Japanese for everyone. One of the few Japenese words I know…

I cannot tell you how sorry I am to report that blowing the Westibule’s brains out didn’t work. That image was just … so appealing. So, we’re back to trouble shooting. I’m taking the morning to do some very necessary office work (it […]

You guys are great!

I can’t thank you enough.

Lots of possibilities I’ve got to check out. I’m only now sitting down to consider them.

I spent most of the day getting the OCR and scanner working on my laptop and doing some nice mindless scanning, since I have no brain anyway. when I put the OmniPage (OCR software) […]

Problem #4

Or is it 5? Do I count the hill of mutant ants I ran into when trying to clear the corner for the new shrubs?

And do we go by my calendar…which says it’s not tomorrow until you’ve been to bed? Or does the new day start at midnight.

After posting last night, I walked […]