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A quick update…

…before I go soak my aching back.

I thought I’d see if I could mock up my idea for what I’d ultimately like on the side of the garage. This is pretty close. It’s one reason I don’t want to go too dark on the side of the garage, as that will determine our midtone.


Opinions, anyone?

Okay…the on-going question of what to do with the garage. This is the current virtual answer. We found this amazing arbor-gate at Lowe’s, and we want to use it to disguise the “door in the box” look of the side of the garage. The garage door swings inward, and the gate is beyond the […]

Part of the fun of a new toy…

Is taking it out of the box. (The following is a reenactment…in daylight.)

I opened the box last night. A large box filled with ecologically-correct brown paper. Lots of paper.

Underneath the paper was an elegant black box with a handle…


Sunday and I’m all caught up!

Well, with my blogging, at any rate.

Not a whole lot to report today, just more rock hauling and arranging, but boy, did we get some lovely rocks from next door. Several more wheelbarrow loads.

This is just a handful of those we hauled. The one in the center is about average, and it’s […]

Saturday night…

And my Intuos is still in the box. The shipping box. Sigh…

This morning, I slept. Late. Allergies are sucky right now (cedar pollen leaves a yellow dust over anything that sits still for thirty seconds) and I took Benedryl some time in the middle of the night. Put me out. Plus, I’d gotten to […]

TGIF…or…maybe not…

Friday AM Excitement.

I love my computer. I really do. But this AM I almost threw it through the window. Fortunately, I really like the window.

Cntrl F is on the fritz. In explorer. This…is not funny. A basic function like “find” going haywire in Windows means there is something fundamentally screwed. My heart […]


Hmmm…oh, yeah. Morning Excitement. I was just getting started with finishing up Wednesday’s post when Carolyn came in to inform me a fax we thought safely in the hands of our accountant…wasn’t. He’d gotten only the first page. She’d tried resending and it had still only sent the first page.

I went in to the […]

A little each day…

Note….I actually began this on Wednesday. My how time flies. But when I went up Wednesday evening to finish and post, the site was sllllooooowwww. Suffice to say, I didn’t get it finished. Anyway, I guess I’ll just let it ride.

Much, much better this morning. (And the crowd goes wild.) I feared I wouldn’t […]

Pain…oh, pain…


I…hurt. If I had the sense God gave a newt, I’d’ve set a limit for my outside time today. Suffice to say, newts have me beat all hollow in the sense department.

There’s just so much to be done…and bottom line, it’s fun. Well, cleaning the garage wasn’t, but it had to be done, […]

Another day, another rock. Lots of rocks.

Today, I arranged rocks. Exciting, eh? Actually, it’s a lot of fun. I adore puzzles and this is a BIG one.

In the photo to the right, the pink circle is where we’re hoping to put one of those oriental ceramic seats. It’s got a glorious view of the falls. The green circles are sitting […]