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Battle of the Bulge

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Possibly the most important share I'll ever make

With many many thanks to my sister for alerting me to it.

I realized a long time ago that I’m not a feminist; I’m a humanist. This is not because I’m ashamed to be associated with feminism, but because I feel the advocates are, too often, too narrow in their focus. Social pressures and stupidity goes both ways. To solve the problem, we must free everyone from the same degrading system. Emma Watson, the remarkable young woman who played Hermione Granger, is using that world-wide recognition in the best possible way. This speech she made to the UN HeForShe conference is long, but worth every second.

ShejiCon 2014!

Mom has been bery bery busy an’ has lots an’ lots ob pitchurs fwom d’last few months. She’s workin’ hard to catch up. So I’m givin’ you a Wiishu’s-eye view ob our recent little relaxacon here in Spokane.

Wiishu’s Dance

OMG. I was sitting in Swinging Doors with Carolyn waiting for food to arrive, and I decided to try what Roget did. HAH! I’m here to tell you, it WAS magic! I’ve been posing this little dude for two years. Couldn’t begin to make him move like that. Roget, I bow down in awe!

Me an' my new fwen!

Mom’s busy wif all d’pitchurs fwom SpoCon, so I’m gettin’ t’do d’blog! Cool, huh? So much to talk about! My heads ez spinning. But I gots to shows you my FAVRITE! Dis iz Roget! He’s sooooo cool! An’ WEALLY smart! Him an’ me danced wot Mom called a pah de Twoses! Check out dese cool moves!



Sigh…good memwies….

All Set fo’ my Big Gig!




New Doctor Dudses!



Long Time No Sees!

We are bery sowwy! We beened bery busy! I knows you all wants to know wot we beened up to, an’ we will hab pitchurs soon, but today wuz speshul…spe-cial. We finished my Doctor Scarf!!!! We had one almos’ done an’ were goin’ t’finish it on d’road, but never seemed t’gets around to it. Den…we gots home an’ putsted all d’stuff away…an’ it had disappearded! We scrambled an’ found s’more yarns an’ hab beened knittin’ an’ knittin’ an’ knittin’ all week, cuz I jus’ HAD to hab it fo’ SpoCon nex month! Bud iz all done now, an’ I LUBS it!



pookihelp soft wottaweek


the Poobanator Strikes Back

When you are the Poobanator…who needs words…

Lotus Morning

Score? I have no idea where he’s getting this stuff…


I know you all been worried about Mom. She’s doin’ OK, bud I’m twyin’! Pwease forgive d’pitchurs. D’security camra wusn’t workin’ bery good…