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New Book!

NW: Homecoming Games

First Draft

70,500 of 150,000 Words (47%) complete

Battle of the Bulge

One day at a time

30 of 60 pounds (50%) complete

New Book on Hold


First Draft

3750 of 120000 words (3%) complete

New Doctor Dudses!



Long Time No Sees!

We are bery sowwy! We beened bery busy! I knows you all wants to know wot we beened up to, an’ we will hab pitchurs soon, but today wuz speshul…spe-cial. We finished my Doctor Scarf!!!! We had one almos’ done an’ were goin’ t’finish it on d’road, but never seemed t’gets around to it. Den…we gots home an’ putsted all d’stuff away…an’ it had disappearded! We scrambled an’ found s’more yarns an’ hab beened knittin’ an’ knittin’ an’ knittin’ all week, cuz I jus’ HAD to hab it fo’ SpoCon nex month! Bud iz all done now, an’ I LUBS it!



pookihelp soft wottaweek


the Poobanator Strikes Back

When you are the Poobanator…who needs words…

Lotus Morning

Score? I have no idea where he’s getting this stuff…


I know you all been worried about Mom. She’s doin’ OK, bud I’m twyin’! Pwease forgive d’pitchurs. D’security camra wusn’t workin’ bery good…

ItRoses and more!

Just a bunch of pix…


Pooki’s outfit has been disqualified! No problemo! I just interpreted the rules differently than the judges did. Pooki, however, had a different reaction.

Me an' my new Fwen

I gotsa new bes’ fwen! His name’s Todd an’ he paints WEEEELY good!


Check Out Pooki’s Dudses!

Pook’s ready for his Project Runway gig. He’s supposed to be a comic book villain with the superpower of telekinesis.

By day, he is a billionaire playboy, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne (being an equal opportunity universe exploiter.) At night, he transforms into a master thief. Banks, governments, collectors . . . he leaves no source of income unturned. He is the grand master of that most ancient of mysteries, sparklie-spit. Transformation, transmogrification, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation…television. Tobaganing…if it begins with a T, he’s got it, and he will use it to rule the universe. All universes. It is his destiny.

He is small, but he is mighty. He is…the Poobanator!

Back to Work

Which includes upgrading NextGen gallery. And they STILL haven’t fixed the “go to gallery” after upload option! Grrrrr. But Wiishu has a new story to share.