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Dance-a-thon, GE-style

As Nigel would say: Cue music!

(putting the first one in here as well so I have only one link for the whole thing.)


I’m (very) slowly getting into the backlog of photostories. As any agricultural type knows, there are certain extremely important times of year that can make or break a garden. Times when the gods must be propitiated. Wiishu and Pooki heard us talking and…well…

Hazards of being a Garden Elf

I’m way behind on everything…and this is one reason why. So much to do in the garden this spring! And a certain little house and garden elf doesn’t make things any easier….

Time for another overdue story!

Two years ago, Wiishu’s DoA hero, Miike, came to visit us after . So far, I’ve done up their little episode feeding the fish, but that’s only the middle of the story. Here’s another segment…

Carousel party—the rest of the story

The Carousel Adbenchur Continues!

Patty has given us the go-ahead, soooooo…

OMG Tanya and Nancy together again

Thanks to Sharon’s FB post, I found this gem. These two charming nutcases have put together a hallway “museum” to Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. They did a kickstarter for $75 to blow up some pics, and ended up with over $2000. It went into the museum and likely to the opening party. This is the official tour of the museum…and it’s a riot. Easy to see why these two are best friends…There are some good documentaries that come up with this one. The “anything to win” is really interesting. But serious. This is just fun!

GASP! Has it been two years!?!

Moooooom! You said you posted dis! I’m’s morteefiyded!


Id wuz so bery excitin’! Pitchurs are much bedder dan words:

Disturbing trends in the name of equality

Several years ago, my agent talked me into reading a book by one of his other clients. This was, he claimed, the next best-selling phenomenon and he wanted me to write just like this author. (For those of you who know the book of which I speak, let’s not name names, OK? It’s irrelevant to the point of this post.) Anyway…I read said book, and was, to say the least, appalled. If he wanted me to write like this, he didn’t understand me at all. In the name of titilation, it betrayed every philosophical and ethical stand I’d ever taken. He was, however, right. The thing sold like crazy, the author became in great demand for “how to” lectures, and it became a successful TV series.

And I saw the beginning of a very disturbing trend. I’ve recently become very fond of a TV series (also based on books, which I’ve not read and likely won’t) which has, in it’s later seasons, taken a very bad turn, and has me looking at other relationships, both fictional and non, which have rubbed me the wrong way. Again, I’ll not name names and please don’t ask me. I have no doubt you can fill in your own titles.

Why is it that a woman, in the name of true lu-huv, is forgiven behaviors which would brand a man a “cad” (or worse)? Things like, because a marriage has gotten a bit rocky because the partners have been split up for a while and grown in different directions, the woman can, without censure on the part of the readers/viewers, and with little thought to the man to whom she made an honorable (not to mention legal and spiritual) commitment, leave said husband in a fit of pique, then jump the bones and fall in lu-huv with the first hunk who comes along to excite her hormones, and then proceed to further adventures without every really trying to return to/contact said husband?

Or why can a woman, in the name of lu-huv, leave their lu-huv, for his “own good,” of course, having better sense than he what’s best for him, then use marriage to someone else to escape the problem of dealing with the issues supposedly keeping the true lu-huvers apart—all without EVER explaining to said hubby-to-be the truth about her lu-huv for another man, and after making the hubby-to-be fall in lu-huv with her, with protestations of love and commitment—only to reignite the previous passion at the first temptation, grow cold and separate from the husband—without explanation—and then blithely skip back into the arms of the first man? Of course, she does all sorts of hand wringing and waving her arms about and claiming it’s not hubby’s fault…but does that make it right?Is it right to make two men miserable, ruin their reputations, all so you can be free to follow your hormones, all the while using their affection for you to manipulate them into doing exactly what you want?

And then, there’s the woman who has been married for years, whose marriage has gone rocky…even toxic. A woman who has every legitimate reason to request an end to said marriage to pursue her own life. A woman who finds new love and appreciation outside the marriage, then “finding the strength to act in this new lu-huv,” up and leaves the marriage—in the name of a “separation”—to be with the man who lu-huvs her and treats her “like a queen,” leaving hubby to find out the hard way that he’s been deserted. Why is that “strength” and “bravery” rather than “desertion?”

Why is it that “true lu-huv” in a female somehow makes betraying marriage vows right, whereas a male is accused of thinking with his nether regions, and being a dastardly betrayer of those same vows?

Now mind you…for me sex and hormones isn’t what makes a marriage, so for me it’s not the sexual attraction, it’s the lies. It’s the deliberate betrayal of a commitment made, whether that commitment is legal, spiritual, or a marriage of convenience. For me, having sex or even sexual attraction, isn’t the wrong-doing, it’s lying about it and leading people on. It’s the complete lack of honorable behavior, all in the name of self-indulgence.

Bottom line, the fictional models for proper behavior are getting seriously skewed, because such women are held out to be heroines. To me it feels a heck of a lot like the female version of “boys will be boys”…and it gives me the creeps.