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New Book!

NW: Homecoming Games

First Draft

70,500 of 150,000 Words (47%) complete

Battle of the Bulge

One day at a time

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New Book on Hold


First Draft

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Just a cute little pic

I found from Pook’s first few months with us…



I think, maybe, I’ve got the sequencing worked out in the middle of HomeComing Games! I’m at the end of the section I had written out and am beginning to go into brave new territory! Let’s hope for an end by Christmas!!!!!!

A Whole New Meaning to Late!

Momma-D! Momma-D! We jus’ founded stowy we wuz s’posed to put up a LOOOOOOONG time ago! We are hanging our headzes in shame. Bud I hopes you enjoys it!

It’s crazy. I did this way back when the package came…which was March of 2013! I thought I’d posted it, but I recall now, I had about six stories and I was trying to dole them out. I’ve decided I must get all the pics processed and up and I’m several stories behind, so…enjoy!

Wiishu’s Den of Angels Interview

One of the “games” on Den of Angels is an interview with your resin kid. Wiishu finally filled it out last night and I thot I’d share it.

FL LTF Shiwoo
Modified Default Faceup
Eyes…I think they’re from junkyspot. Purple
hair: generally blond. From me and my fake fur box.
Age…I think he just is.

If you were to describe yourself with one word, what would it be?
Cute! (Cuz dats what Mom calls me alla time.)
What is most important to you in the world?
Hmmm…makin’ peepows happy.
Would you help someone who needed it while passing?
Ob course!
Are you very observant?
Uh huh…Oh look! A butterfly…
How innocent/naive can you be?
Umm what’s dat mean?
Can you entertain yourself easily?
Sure! I likes doin’ stuffs. But I really likes doin’ stuffs wif peepows.
How well do you get along with others?
It depends. I likes makin’ fwens, but dere’s dat mean lady dat came to d’house right after I did…
What was the longest time you had a friend?
I never lost one! Dat would be terrible! Think how scared dey’d be, bein’ lost!
Do you have someone who knows you inside out?
Oh, yeah. Mom’s taken me all apart an’ put me back togevver again, so I tink she knows me pweddy good.
How short is your temper?
25 cm
Can you let go of grudges easily?
What’sa grudge? Is it sticky?
Do you read?
Do you watch TV?
Do you collect anything?
How long do you stay interested in something?
If you collected, would it be for interest or profit?
Hah! Das a twick question. Interest IS profit! Tee hee hee.
Do you know your parents/creator?
Sure! Momma-D putsted me togevver and Mom’s my mom.
What is your birthday?
October 24.
Do you have any siblings?
A dumb brovver named Pooki. He’s a pain, bud I lubs him.
Ever have to fight for what you believe in?
Yeah. Doze weeds in d’garden can get pweddy tough.
When did you move out on your own?
*GasP* I couldn’t leave Mom by herself! An’ somebody’s gotta keep dat dumb Pooki outta twubble.
When did you REALLY mature?
Did you have many friends?
152! But I gets more alla time. I lubs facebook!
Any action you regret?
Hiding Pooki’s present from Momma-D. Dat wuz bery selfish.
What is a memory you treasure?
Teaching my fwen Miike to feed d’fishes.
Do you have a dream partner?
I don’t remember my dreams very good.
Do you believe you seek someone like your parents(or creator)?
I already answered dat. I gotsa mom. Nex!
Do you have one night stands?
Oh, yeah! I love filkin’!
What feature is most attention grabbing for you?
Oooo, dats tough. Prolly Ironman.
What MUST someone have for you to consider them?
Hah! Anovver tricky question! Depends on wot I’m considering dem for, isn’t it! Tee hee hee.
Older, younger, same age as you?
Irrelevant. Nex!
How do you feel about settling down?
Oooo, I loves takin’ naps.
How many dates before you go to bed with someone?
Hmmm…Dates make me burp. So…I prolly shouldn’t eat any.
How do you handle rejection?
How many times did you stop something before it developed?
I hates to admit it, but Pooki usually gets into trouble before I can stops him. Den I gots to save him. But dat’s OK.
Have you settled down and if so for how long?
Hmmmm….My longest nap wuz prolly about four days…
Any Children?
Any Grandchildren?
What do you love most about your partner?
His purr.
Any petnames?
Hmmmm….Shushu? And Shishi. Should I name d’fishies, too?
How many relationships have you been in?
Lessee…dere’s Momma-D. An’ Chi. An’ of course, Mom an’ momma-CJ. An’ Pooki, I better count him…
Have you ended any?
*Mumble* I’ve thought about it. Pooki can be a pain…
Has your heart been broken?
Don’ be silly. I’d bleeds to death.
Any loves you cannot have?
Nope! I loves everybodies!
Do you believe in true love?
See above.
Have you ever died?
Can you even die?
I don’ think so. Wot’s that mean?
Have you seen someone die?
D’flowers die alla time, but dey always come back, so da’s cool.
Have you killed someone?
*Mumble* I’ve thought about it….
Have you had someone killed?
*mumble* I’ve thought about it…
What makes you truly happy?
Bein’ alive. An’ flowers.
If you could, what is one thing you would spend your life doing?
Makin’ peepow happy.
Do you have a job, if so what is it?
House an’ garden elf. *nods wisely* Oh! an’ Pooki wrangler!
Have you ever gone insane?
Did you ever feel as if you were the only sane one in the world?
Hmmm…I don’ tink I wanna answer dat.
If you had a choice, would you live a calm eternal life, or live a wild short life?

Tanks you bery much! Dis wuz fun!

GW Halloween

Had such fun the last couple of weeks. GuildWars2 had a special event. The capital, Lion’s Arch, was all decorated, there were trick or treat doors that sent you to the Mad King’s Labyrinth, where you could play some strange game of hide, seek and kill, er, convert, or go bash monsters like candycorn kritturs, with energetic impromptu zergs (big groups of people who take the baddies on in a riproaring brawl). The baddies dropped trick or treat bags that contained things like candycorn, plastic vampire fangs, and chattering skulls. These can all be used as either currency for goodies available only through the event (like BIG storage bags or minis like a black kitty (zuzu—Poobii has one in the pics) or the bloody prince (who was the bad guy this time…you did him in with a candycorn mini) or a ghostly spider. Oooooo….

Anyway, the last night of the event, I broke down and bought the Poobanator a Mad King costume. For a while, he went around Lion’s Arch with the King, being a frolicking Minime. But then Carolyn pointed out an asura (little folk, like Poobii) up on the central haystack, playing his flute. Poobii had to jump up and listen, then join in, first to the flute, then a drum, then the boom box, for which he broke out the “inventory shuffle”. The other guy joined right in. When Poobii had to leave, he would bow and he always bowed back. When Poobii tried to get all the stickinthemuds in the area to dance with him, he joined in that, too. We came to the conclusion the humans were chickens. At one point, a charr joined in the revelries.

It was a great way to close out the party.

rockinout1  rockinout2  rockinout3

Hope you can make these out. The quality of the screen shots sucked. I wish I’d known how to capture the screen in video….Time to research…

My New Jumpsuits!

Here ’tis!


Halloween’s a’comin’!

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I had fun…took the day to get Wiishu’s Halloween outfit completed. And since my main BD prezzie from Carolyn was (a) the end of the current foreigner book and (b) two weeks of her time helping sort through the stuff and get what we don’t want out of the house…I’ve hardly even looked at the internet. If all goes as planned, if we truly do get our house into something like organized at last, my online presence might actually become something other than “today’s round tuit”! Meantime, here’s a taste of the season!



Possibly the most important share I'll ever make

With many many thanks to my sister for alerting me to it.

I realized a long time ago that I’m not a feminist; I’m a humanist. This is not because I’m ashamed to be associated with feminism, but because I feel the advocates are, too often, too narrow in their focus. Social pressures and stupidity goes both ways. To solve the problem, we must free everyone from the same degrading system. Emma Watson, the remarkable young woman who played Hermione Granger, is using that world-wide recognition in the best possible way. This speech she made to the UN HeForShe conference is long, but worth every second.

ShejiCon 2014!

Mom has been bery bery busy an’ has lots an’ lots ob pitchurs fwom d’last few months. She’s workin’ hard to catch up. So I’m givin’ you a Wiishu’s-eye view ob our recent little relaxacon here in Spokane.

Wiishu’s Dance

OMG. I was sitting in Swinging Doors with Carolyn waiting for food to arrive, and I decided to try what Roget did. HAH! I’m here to tell you, it WAS magic! I’ve been posing this little dude for two years. Couldn’t begin to make him move like that. Roget, I bow down in awe!